Custom SolderingMicro-Tech Electornics has a manual solder line to provide you with a source for your low and medium volume PCB Assembly, custom component & terminal populating requirements.

Experts at installing a variety of electrical components and connectors to meet your every need.
Provides board assembly with Aerospace quality components, with in-house capability to meet MIL-STD

Double sided Printed Circuit board, soldered to prestigious Aerospace component manufactures for critical applications.

Small batch prototype capabilities with minimal NRE.

Quick turnaround time available.

Prototype or Production PCB Assembly

Specialized cabling

Printed Circuit Board Customized Soldering available

Specialize in PCB Prototype development.

Full QC rule check to assure error free products.


Tel (201) 840-0440
Fax (201) 840-0442

Sherine Morcos (General Manager)

Ramsis Morcos (Quality and Engineering)